Saturday, 10 January 2009

Mobile thefts and Bangalore

I honestly don't get any kicks out of writing on this topic, but its just appalling how mobile phone thievery is perpetrated in the city! Five of my friends (myself included )have been at the receiving end of this menial act. On one side, the police force refuses to take this seriously. They flatly refuse to accept FIRs reporting a stolen cell phone! And on the other hand these scallywags thrive, with nothing to fear.

The modus operandi is simple. Just flick the handset from the unsuspecting commuter who's all focused on boarding a crowded bus. With all the pushing and pulling around, one completely fails to sense anyone putting his hand into ones pant pocket. No wonder I lost my handset out of the front pocket of my jeans! What's really disconcerting is how flagrantly the act is carried out. My friend and I have both lost our cell phones in Marathalli at around 8:00pm. So when I just payed attention today evening at 8:00pm while passing by Marathalli bus stop, I was shocked to see the audacity with which a guy was going about this act!

He's not this stereotyped construction worker who is unkempt and dishevelled, smelling like a soaked onion. At least not this one. He was this very well dressed young man in his late 20s whose appearance gave me the impression that we was earning around 20k a month for a white collared job. As my bus pulled into the Marathalli bus stand, he made a move on his victim, whom he had clearly chosen well in advance. As the crowd rushed towards the opening door of the BMTC bus, he quitely slid his hands into the middle of this ball of men. Unfortunately for him however, he did not succeed. My heart was already beating like a bass drum playing the concluding note for a march past. I was cold all over. And I continued to watch, my mouth wide open. Not be undone, he picked up another victim and moved in for the kill. He stepped close to the guy after checking him out and slowly slid his hand into the side pocket of his pant, getting into the bus in the meantime. I'm not sure what really happened thereafter but the victim-to-be had an angry word with him. This guy just shrugged and mumbled something, none of which I could catch as I was seated three rows away from the bus door. Our villian then made a quick exit from the bus by asking if the bus went to Whitefield, and thus pretending to have gotten into the wrong bus. And he made a clean getaway, without any success that is. Or was it!!?? [I'm suddenly having second thoughts, and how I hate it]

All along I was a silent spectator. I was sitting there, waiting to howl out at the victim if the thief would have succeded. How pathetic; as only now I realize that he could already have. And have decieved me a second time.

I just want to conclude that having read this post, please be extremely careful when boarding or alighting a BMTC bus when its crowded. The best thing would be to hold onto your phone and maybe just keep listening to some music off it. Atleast do so much as to keep your hands in your pocket. Believe me, you really don't want to get into my shoes.


Harsha said...

Completely Agree. I lost my phone today and it feels terrible.

vk said...

Sorry to hear that. The feeling is crushing. The best you can do is retain your number.