Saturday, 28 July 2007

Devil's Workshop

Back to college after 2 blissfully hectic months in B'lore and the devil's workshop is breaking havoc in my head. Its like I've suddenly transcended from rags to riches. I cant deny the fact that its partly the final year joblessness thats behind this. But it does not stop at that, unfortunately.

I've long wanted to post my Jammu Convention 'joys' and have succeeded in miserably failing at that. The sheer magnitude of the task overwhelms me every time I sit down to write. And the results are (NOT) here for all to see. Conspicuous by its absence. But some magnanimous souls that go by the name of Logik and Mahima(with all the due regards to Saranya's efforts) have come up with noteworthy stuff. Dont miss dearest Jakra's comments on the former though. Its a real eye-opener. And non members of the group regrettably cannot read the latter I suppose.

Well Well Well. I hence came up with this idea to just make a picture story to "beautifully illustrate" the same. You can say "Wow! How innovative(when I finally manage to do it)...", but then frankly its an act of sheer lethargy. And by a not very surprising twist of nature's ways, my comp gets infected by Sudden Death Syndrome at this very time! She's in quarantine now and is expected to make it back to good health in a matter of a few days and a littttttle dough!

So until then, I need to find ways to keep my humble self engaged by doing anything which can amount to anything as worthless as... this post, maybe???

O Draconian Devil!!! I'm determined to drive you away... deem you jobless... for I'm no novice at being one.. I'm in Final Yr.... and ...Joyously Jobless...