Friday, 14 December 2007

Thadiyandamol Trek

Starting Point: NITK Surathkal
Destination: Mt. Thadiyandamol
Distance: 160kms
Conveyance: Bus ( Surathkal - Mangalore - Madikeri )
Car (Madikeri - Kakabbe, base of Mt. Thadiyandamol)
Bus (Kakabbe - Madikeri - Surathkal)
Date: 14:00 Dec 1st '07 to 08:00 Dec 4th '07
Approx Cost: Rs 1200/-

This is the latest one in our series of final year's joshile treks... We took to the highest peak of Coorg viz. Mt Thadiyandamol. This time, I'll let the pictures do all the talking for its bit too arduous to write a whole post! [And then, not many care to actually read it!!). Hence, this easy [and elegant ?] way out..

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PS: This post is special in its own way. I am posting it entirely off our college's own Wi-Fi... Cheers!!