Sunday, 22 June 2008


Amno: So you call it life...?
Bozo: Well, whats the problem? At the end of the day it pays well..
Amno: Duh!
Bozo: Er..?
Amno: How's your routine different from a washing machine..
Bozo: I choose what to do when I want.. Hey wait!
Amno: [Grinnn]

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Altruism... Still Alive

They are a dying breed of people. But they do still exist... A few maybe.

I lost my purse when my pocket was picked at New Delhi Railway Station, on the way back from our great North Indian trip. Given my situation, imagine receiving this message from an unknown number...

Mr. Vinayak, I have found ur lost papers, driving license etc.
Sandeep Dhingra

Well, I didn't quite know how to react. So hard it was to believe that somebody could have taken the trouble to actually contact me, that I was more skeptical than relieved! Not knowing quite what to expect, I called up the number and spoke to this Good Samaritan. He sounded like a man in his 40s; polite and extremely humble. He said that a friend of his found the contents of my purse at Pahadganj station and on finding my ID he messaged me. Whats more, he himself suggested sending my stuff to me by courier. I told him I would in no way be able to repay the favour he was doing me, monetary and otherwise. For more than my ID card, license, ATM card or anything else, there were some priceless hand written letters in them which were of immense sentimental meaning to me. I called him back a second time to make sure that he would leave his address on the cover. Atleast, I could do whatever little I can to express my gratitude.

Having known a selfless man like him going out of his way to help a complete stranger, I swore I'd be one such person myself. Will you be one?