Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hide and Seek

Holes in the Google chat invisibility cloak..
..maybe you have an alternate explanation!?


Dha said...

took me a moment to get what the pic was about..

1. you need to login to start scrobbling.. and you aren't logged in.
2. you have undeleted stuff in your recycle bin
3. the track playing in winamp's got a Dha in it.


vk said...

@ Dha
I'm glad it took you just a moment :p

1) I'm logged in and scrobbling. Ain't all the difficult to figure out what you're missing out on I hope, Einstein. :D

2) Thanks for reminding. I now have 10kB more disk space!!

3) Way to go man! May be next time you'll have more than just your nick :p

evilsense said...