Thursday, 10 September 2009

O my Goad!

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Google's auto-suggest 'Did you mean' works in a number of intuitive ways.


Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

LOL! Kick ass! Just imagine how many mallus would have searched with the keywords "cochin to gelf" so that Google put it in Auto-suggest!

Logik said...

ayyesome news. ur fascination with all things mallu continues.

and just to be an annoying pedant, the feature shown is called " Did you mean" itself. "Autosuggest" is the dropdown of most popular search terms when u start typing some word/phrase.

VK said...

@Kitta: Thanks! Google auto-suggest ought be smarter than that ;)

@Logik: Thanks for the info. Done the needful.

wanderlust said...

oh the wow-ness.
but there is no 'did you mean' when i google for 'cochin to gulf' now.

VK said...

Well, in that case you missed the label 'Pfiction'.

There are a few more of those. Check them out.

Anonymous said...

Waate!! :)