Thursday, 11 June 2009

Workplace Wisdom

Its been a year now, living a techie's life. Here's some wisdom that I mean to share.

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Have you heard of this thing - which is like the slowest killer known to man. Our assasin is stealthier than a B2 bomber, yet slower than a field snail. In fact the victim is even paid for it. What's more, they even have a neat name for it. Its called a job.

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The tip of my hat to all the non-typical days at work. Its the typical day that bothers me.

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The perfect workplace is the one that has the right blend of all the constituents. For starters, here's a recipe.

And a tribute to the ubiquitous euphemisms and management jargon.

On a closing note, here's a thought:
They say Work is Worship.
So maybe its sufficient to be a theist,
We don't need to be saints.


Mathangi Raghuraman said...

0.0) Lol :) Your Productivity touches 1.0 in a day? Mine doesnt.. even if I take it on a relative scale :)
0.1) The last line of the last piece reminds me of Krishna Ashok's latest rambling :)

vk said...

I did mention exaggeration, dint I? :P

evilsense said...

wow, its been sometime I checked your blog. WTF@ hot colleagues, u must be lucky =)

vk said...

@evilsense: Chill. Its just the recipe dude. Haven't got a chance to savour it myself either.

出張ホスト said...
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家出 said...
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Rakesh Babu G R said...

A good post.

Some other things I like to add

We have good cash flow : Loss this quarter
Impacted : Fired