Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Cover Story

This one will sound like yet another of those rags to riches story.

She was an orphan, abandoned within a week of her birth. She was however adopted, along with her twin sister, by a caring elderly couple. Her other two siblings were however not as lucky, and met a brutal death. Perhaps it was her luck ... or was it?

She's as beautiful as beautiful gets. Loving and charming as she is, her beauty would not go unnoticed for long. Not much later, in August 2008, she was splashed onto the cover pages of the highly regarded fashion tabloid Chique - a place coveted by the likes of Gisele B√ľndchen, and someplace where even Indian belles like Aishwarya haven't been able to make it.

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For more stunning pictures of this prodigy, please follow this link.


Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

Cute. :) What breed is that?

vk said...

I don't know for sure. But from the size of her snout now and the height that she's gaining with every passing day, she seems to be a Moodol hound cross to me..

Sandeep said...

damn cute!! :)

evilsense said...

hahaha awesom1

Nam said...

chooooo chweeeeeeeeetttttttt!!!!!!!

Fletch said...

Got your message VK. Just had to come and see. Good job!

Glad to have been of some assistance to a Bangalorean. Studied at BBHS 64 to 69. Doesn't that seem like a lifetime away?

vk said...

@ Fletch

Hey thats cool!

You say a lifetime ago? Its more than that to me! I'm still just 23... :-D
The world's really a small place Fletch.. Who knows, tomorrow I could be in Lisbon before I even know it.. ;-)