Monday, 11 June 2007

some Awe

It was just another morning. I got down from the bus on Residency Road and was walking towards Richmond Circle. As usual, I had tuned into a radio station. I had just locked onto Indigo at that time and the RJ was playing a Back Street Boys, which happened to be one my favorites. As i merrily walked on the footpath, singing along, cars whizzed past me. I did not pay particular attention to any of them. And then, out of nowhere came this beautiful lady driving a posh car. She too whizzed past just like any of the cars. But then just as she was passing by, I read the words that she was mouthing. For a moment, I was transfixed, for she had the same words in her mouth as mine. I was wonder struck by the sheer coincidence. Just then, I realized that she had headphones plugged into her ears.... She must have been listening to the same track that I was. Right now, it may seem too obvious, even bordering on stupidity. But back then, it was one fleeting moment of pure, unadulterated awe!!


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Sometimes coincidences like that happen.. and one just keeps on wondering about the hows and whys.
Its good that you put it into words. It will bring a smile on ur face every time you'll look at it :)

fragmented fragrance.. said...

coincidental fiction..?? or the irreplacble n earnest desire of this accidental coincidence to b something more than just tht??...;