Thursday, 21 August 2008

Flower Show at Lalbagh

Here is glimpse of Lalbagh's ravishing annual flower show, held around the days of I-day. Vibrant and vivid, I say there are more colours here than what even the human eye can percieve.

You can view individual pictures of the collage, just by clicking on them above. Isn't that just brilliant!? You can mouse over the logo on the right hand top corner to view the embed in full size.


Logik said...

WoW... I love glogster... Absolutely brilliant..Nice post.

And the flowers look pretty.Che. Missed it.

vk said...

Have you even heard of glogster before? I only found it today when I found Picasa inadequate and was googling for a collage making freeware. Its marvellous, yet so easy to use!

And ya, being in blore (that too jobless over the weekend) and not having visited the flower show is really sad..

Logik said...

Clarification :
1. I was impressed with glogster after seeing it being used on a post about lalbagh flower show. It is pretty cool.
2.Mr.Jobless-over-the-weekend-dude was in Udupi that time.