Friday, 18 July 2008

Blogs from Bollywood

First it was SRK. Then BigB and the all too entertaining Lalu joined in. Now its Aamir and supposedly even Abhishek. I couldn't have cared less. First they make news by announcing that they are blogging, sending the whole blogosphere into a searching frenzy, with the media not far behind. And then not much later you hear reports of blog abuse and a string of allegations and apologies/denials flying back and forth. Lalu's blog takes the shape of a handy complaint box and Amitabh's finding it hard to moderate and maintain his.

Take for example Amitabh Bachchan's blog. The design is hideous to say the least. From what I gathered, not many of the visitors even bother to read what has been posted. Not that the litter he sends at ungodly hours is worth reading. But frankly, the hundreds of comments are what captured my attention more than what he had to say. Its like people have been given a self addressed letter from their idol himself. So the comments contain everything from praises, blessing and love messages to suggestions of movie scripts and biodatas! Have a look..
Dear sir
i want meat you coz you know..? you are vry mch possitive and kindly personality [Hey boss! KFC's prtty dessent... Try it]

Respected sir,
My self pardeep bhardwaj iam frm manali. I met u in manali at span resort when u was there at shooting of shoe bite. I met u in ur room through ur friend nana markovich. She was very nice to me and help me a lot in meeting with u. Sir, i am the same guy who had given u lord ganesha for good luck. As u kown that i am true devotee of lord ganesha and lord vishnu. Sir, u had promised me that we will meet once again but unfortunately some pupil had hit ur house and u have to rush to ur house frm shimla. I want to request u something that i could’nt do on that day. Please sir i had given this i-d specially frm nana. She said that know u can mail him directly and tell him ur request. I want to request u that i want to be the part of ur movie world. I got a belive that one day i can also be the good actor of silver screen. please help me out. waiting for ur reply.
Jai ganesha [I got another belive dude.. Try giving Laksmi in next time]

media is using as for mivies like black/sarakar raj, now using as blogger, which media is doing i know this, how much u r making money, who is paying u for blogger i want to know that media with worm regards [No cimments!]

i had information that you had taken around 125 crores for register in bigadda [So you think bigadda is worth 125 crore? Wonderful!]

Mr. B, you didn’t answer my question about The Last Lear and why it has only been screened at festivals and not released for the general public, but it’s all good considering you probably have a ton of posts to reply to. My next question is regarding the... [Keep asking, keep asking.. The more the merrier]


HI, AMIT JEEEEEEEE . I M A HUGE FAN OF YOUR’S .[Hey try the bold and italics too dude!]

aapka reply
kaha dekhuuuuuuuuuu [ghar aake dekh lo beta]

The media is happy. The icons are getting all the adulation that they cannot live without. The fans are in blissful revelry. As long as the comments keep pouring in, I'm guaranteed my share of entertainment. Why complain. Turn up the volume... Let the party continue!


Dha said...

hehe...i was about to put up a very similar post in my blog, and surely would have by now..if the power hadn't stabbed in between.

[evilsense gave me the link to Big B's blog just this afternoon]

NO CIMMENTS! - absolutely

vk said...

Well, I'd given evilsense the link and discussed this with him.. Sorry to break the news to you :-D

Logik said...

Is bastered a verb or a noun? Can't figure out.
I think there is something inherently wrong with comment_spaces. It makes people either infinitely stupid or insanely/irritatingly wise[ ahem, ahem. I beat you to it].

And, its got to do nothing with anonymization either. People are glad to show that their stupid,with their lolz/omfg statements. eg. would be "My self pardeep bhardwaj iam frm manali.".. He's bound to be the village idiot now onwards.
Oh. wait. He's the only one with net there....

With Worm regards,

vk said...

@Logik: Yup! he himself is probably the biggest isstar/hero of manali by now..

Dha said...

thought as much.. there was no way that evilsense himself would go around searching for Big B's blog

palash said...

Good Post...
Undoubtly there is lot of craze about Amitabh Bachcnan....and it seems in readers comment also.
Here is an information also. Actor Manoj Bajpayee has also started his blog. And this is first time when bollywood actor is writting in Hindi.
Though,Amitabh Bachcan is able to write in Hindi but he knows that Hindi readers are limited so he writes in English only.

vk said...

Well, it sure makes more sense for a Hindi cine star to blog in Hindi. But then I feel Amitabh may have chose english over Hindi for his own convenience too.. He mostly blogs via his mobile, so... His fans would have been definitely happier if he'd used Hindi.

Kaavya said...

Hey...this one is just awesome... I mean funny...

vk said...

Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed it... The trend has apparently not yet receded and shall continue for more than a little time in the futre... I just found out that there still are some regular readers of his block :-D