Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Wats in your headdd?.... Zombie !

9:00 am. Teary eyed and my head throbbing, I'm sitting in front of the comp with just one half side of my brain working. Which is why I'm indecisive about which half side it is. A zombie. Numb.

Seldom are the days that you feel exasperated when classes get cancelled. Today is one of those; unfortunately. What a day!

Placement season. Treats apenty. Movie marathons. Thats how the past week has been. And yesterday, was not much different. Had to retire to bed early (read 2:00 am) after two and a half movies, for the sole reason that we had classes beginning 8:00 today. And here I am now, with nothing more than a single class, at 11:00, to look forward to. I mean, can it get worse?(Yeah, unless I get kicked out of this class or something...).

Arrrrrrrrrggggghhhh!! The calender would have been shorter and way sweeter without this day!


Amrita said...

jus curious which were the 2 and 1/2movies tht u watched.. ?

vk said...

The 1/2 movie was Adam Sandler's "Happy Gilmore". And one the other 2 was "Simpsons, The Movie". Well, I had a hard time trying to recall just this!! I mean, when you watch a movie or 2 everyday, you dont really remember which ones you watched and when..