Friday, 6 April 2007

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Its been a really long time since I last posted. The fact that I can't find anything interesting to write on is very much bothering me. So much so that I began to think...Why not write about not having any thing to write..!!? As you will soon find out, its a point to ponder. So, I am out here to prove the fact that you can still afford to write something even if you don't have anything to write or who knows, you don't have to write anything!
The former case is a more ubiquitous, the case in point being examination papers. All those last 10 marks definitely belong to this category, the subject being just about immaterial. We always manage to churn out heaps of unintelligible nothings that run into several pages of illegible scrawny writings to get those last crucial marks. You really don't need to know anything of that obscure topic written in neat bold letters right across the face of the page, do you? All that you need to do is just make sure that atleast some the words in the topic keep appearing at regular intervals ( mind you, only these words have to be legible) and the evaluator is more than convinced by your cognitive conception of the topic in question. Bingo, you have your 9 marks !!(Always wondered if these people counted in hex....10 is a looong way from 9).
As for the latter, this post is a brilliant illustration. I am under no obligation whatsoever to write. Yet, I am writing...that I am having to write about not having anything to write. What an irony. All the same, it demonstrates what I initially set out to prove. Think I better wind up before I begin to abuse of my freedom of expression! Long live Blogosphere.

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Amrita said...

nice one :)
i can empathise wid u :)