Saturday, 17 March 2007

A long Shot..?

Inspired, intimidated and impressed by many a bloggers out here, eager to prove their writing prowess, i've finally decided to try it out myself. What intrigues me even more is how effective a media this (blogging) has been to umpteen souls, who believe me, are at times physically and physiologically entirely different from the pictures their writings portray. Though the motives and the motivation behind creating ones blog and maintaining it is mostly unknown (and hence, not easily appreciated), the very fact that the owner(s)/creator(s) has taken pains to do it commands respect.
I hope this venture of mine is a rewarding experience, both to you, the readers and to myself. Though at times, the sheer pleasure of being able to pen down your thoughts is a reward unto itself, it human to expect admiration as mark of accomplishment. Cheers, Happy Blogging.

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Ishwar said...

at the outset: Kudos, for u have written a brilliant set of blogs on ur page. i've read everyone of them, the best ones being the one about the 'lady in a posh car' mouthing the same words u were( i too have lived such moments, with such far away connection as someone carrying a book u had read a few years ago :) ).. the kodachadri trip blog was amazing too,